Monday, November 7, 2011

Chrome Theme Hatsune Miku

OK! Guys here the second theme Hatsune Miku
Upload is kinda delay cu'z I'm having difficulties on my
computer and internet and may affect on further uploads.
 Please bear with me.

There are two version
1st is the clean version
2nd the look of my desktop

download v1:click here
download v2:click here

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Play PSP on your PC

Yes! Just like the title says you can now play PSP games on your PC.
Here how...Introducing JPCSP a java base software program to emulate the PSP game code
so it can be play to your pc.

Minimum Requirements:
CPU: Pentium 4 @ 2.8Ghz
GPU: 512mb

Recomended Requirements:
RAM: 1G for XP, 2G for Win7 or more
CPU: i3 @ 3Ghz
GPU: 1024mb Nvidia 9400

Java SDK (Required) download:
SonicStage(optional) Google is your friend
just search i forget where i download it. Download the Free Version.

Official site: click me
Official forum: click me
Official SVN build: click here

How to Install:
Just extract the file use 7zip(click here its free).
Install Java SDK latest version is recommended.
Install SonicStage (Internet Required) optional.

On the extracted Jpcsp open "start-windows-x86"
then click option > Configuration > General Tab >
click Use UMD Browser > browse the location of your PSP ISO/CSP > Memory Tab > check Ignore Invalid Memory Access > Media Tab > check the following: "use media engine", "Decode Audio file w/ Sonic Stage", "Use non-native fonts from flash0 folder" > Compiler Tab > check "use compiler" and put "100" for maximum method size. Now your finish on configuration of your setup.
*Note : the above setup is use by many game but some game don't work for this setup or make the game slower. You can just experiment for better gaming. Also configuration on "Video Tab" is skip cu'z it is game specific, search on the official forum for a better setup of a specific game

For the controls click the Option> Controls. Configuring Controls use whats best suited fir you.
*Note Controllers like ForceFeedBack or XBOX Controller or any controller wont do but it can be fix by using keyboard mapper like Joy2Key google for info.

To Play a Game Click File then Browse your PSP ISO/CSO or Choose from UMD Browser
*Note: Not All Games are Playable and on 100% speed as the original PSP.
JPCSP is still on its developing stage but there are games that are playable at 100%.

This are the list that are Playable with descent speed form my experience:
Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core
Parasite Eve 3rd Birthday
Final Fantasy Dissidia (require good video card and cpu)
Lord of Arcana(playable at 100%speed)
Valhalla Knights 2
White Knight Chronicles 2(eur ver)

*Note Encrypted game (those with prometheus) wont play
Jpcsp do not support piracy

That's all for now folks

Friday, November 4, 2011

Black Rock Shooter (my first)

Here's my first theme for now

Black Rock Shooter
The wallpaper cant be found on internet sorry

Whats this?

Hello! I'm glen and this is my first time to create a blog. 
I created this blog cu'z I want to share my everyday life and to post
Chrome theme that I have created.
Visitors can suggest what theme they want to be posted but I will stick on anime 
and game motif.

If you want to request for specific picture please include:
Image: url of the image
and additional info on how do you want it to be and I will try my best to satisfy
your request. 

you can download the link via mediafire cu'z i know you don't want hassle downloads right?

BTW don't expect for the theme to be posted right away expect it for 1-3 days